Federated Rural Electric

Welcome to Federated Rural Electric's customer portal. Access to this information is limited to customers and employees of Federated REA. You can enter the system by typing your username and password in the areas provided below and clicking the 'Login' button. For first time users select the register account button to create a username and password. The registration process will enable you to associate one or multiple Federated REA accounts to your username.

Account Login

If you have any questions or problems logging in please contact us at:

Email:     Electric Questions          info@federatedrea.coop
              Billing Questions            billing@federatedrea.coop

              Broadband Questions     info@federatedbroadband.coop

Phone:    Jackson Office               507-847-3520
              Toll Free                       800-321-3520

              Broadband                    507-847-1001
              Toll Free                       833-847-8001

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